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Quick review and test of the Aquapac Waterproof Case for 10' tablets
Test was done with NPFI

by Peter

Recommended so far, but durability experience is still missing.

Since I enjoyed bathing and spending time in spa or beach with my Kindle protected with a dry bag, I decided to buy a similar protection for my NPFI (I use it for reading mostly now).

I found the Aquapac Waterproof Case (large) at Amazon (here or here) and bought it from the German site a couple of weeks ago.

The bag came on time. It has a shoulder strap, the package looks like this:

Larger image after unpacking:

Description from Amazon:
All Aquapac cases were redesigned to use polyurethane instead of PVC
Polyurethane is 100 recyclable and more environmentally-friendly
Can withstand temperatures from -40 F to 122 F
Thinner than PVC, making it easier to operate controls
The Large Whanganui Case has Class 5 water protection, AquaPac's highest, meaning it is waterproof and submersible to depths greater than 12 feet

Description from Aquapack:
This is our largest submersible case. With plenty of room to store all sorts of valuables.
You can also use this case with popular tablets incl. the Apple iPad and iPad2, the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Motorola Xoom, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Their capacitive screens work normally through the TPU material.
As well as being 100% waterproof, it also protects your gear from dust, dirt and sand.
Like most of our cases it'll float if you drop it in the drink.
It comes supplied with a shoulderstrap
The seams are high-frequency welded to form a super-strong bond.
The Aquaclip® (a patented, ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-moulded plastic seal) opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers, and everything stays in one piece even when open.

Video from Aquapack:

This dry bad is suitable for tablets up to 295mm(H) x 440mm(perimeter), see the image below, so it is large enough to fit NPFI even inside the cover shown here - (but you need to take care inserting and removing it because of a bit flimsy (or at least looking flimsy) rubber water locks in the bag's entrance (see below).

The front side is transparent enough, but reader may have problems with lower contrast of the screen under bright sun. Unfortunately the back side of the bag is semitransparent only, this makes impossible making photos (even with questionable quality possible when shooting through plastic cover).

The bag doesn't break up NPFI's touchscreen functionality, but I did not test this with submerged tablet yet.

The waterproof lock is very different from my old dry bag for Kindle (it had 3 zip locks).
The new one looks more hightech

It has 3 snaps and it is much faster and more convenient to securely close it comparing to 3 ziplocks on the Kindle's dry bag.

This photo shows it after the first submersion test, see below, this explains some water remainings on the outer sides of the bag.

I was a bit insure about its functionality, so I tested it first with a few dry paper towels inside.
I took the bag with me to shower for 15-20 min and after this submerged it under 10-15cm of water in bathtub.

The test shown 100% functionality of the Aquapac Whanganui Case Dry bag: the paper was completely dry after it. But users need to take care about remaining water inside the outer hard plastic part of the waterproof lock - it contains significant amount of water which could be easily removed turning the bag upside down and shaking a bit before opening.

Actually I red somewhere (at Aquapack website maybe) that this bag has to be unloaded in this position only. This definitely has sense. Also I recommend to use a paper towel etc. to remove water from inside the lock area before removing your valuable device from the bag.

I tested the Aquapac Whanganui Case with NPFI underwater. Unfortunately the touchscreen doesn't work if completely submerged, so making Skype calls or reading while scuba diving may be difficult, but water drops aren't a problem.

Photos from, and were used for this post.
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