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padfone infinties: 3,5 years use
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Sun Jan 15 2017, 12:46AM
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Beeing able to keep using these devices for so long asked a good amount of geekyness, and about to i loved using this 5'.
my main A86npfi 32go heavy used since 01/2014>edit:3 years birthday now! hardware bricked dead a month ago. a stupid basejump from a printer lately made it behave strangely (had to hard reset the phone /10sec power/ twice a day without notice)

A86 NPFI 16Go> origin a 2015 gift for my wife, she hated it for about a year, and even ended exploding its screen > Im more carefull with and with asus bumper and a good plastic screen protector i found myself rock solid, surviving a couple of spectacular flies and falls and always survived
go buy you an honor5 wife... today i switched screens to relieve A86.

I have been owning 4 stations: one dismanteled because the battery experienced a really bad expansion it was about to blow as a balloon. Sold one as new on eb. so at this point I still have 2 stations that are absolutely fine. helped a lot for troubleshooting by cross testing. Also have a spare A80 station motherboard in working order left btw.

So for a month i'm back on my good old A80PFI64 from 05/2013 that always served as a backup/secondary phone. but GPS only works when it wants (one of ASUS strangest flaws...), and cannot connect anymore to stations suddenly 10 red blinking ans showing HDMI logo. Didn't reset the phone yet though.

I had 10x A80 phone batteries stock.
<< You really need to be extra carefull with the battery socket connectors when replacing/removing them.
the battery connector on the motherboard falls appart by itself, and some of its tiny gold connectors are teared off it by the battery connector when you remove it, and it will also eventually break inside the phone during a good fall/drop, bellieve me.
This weak socket is related to the 1%/ charging problems, the feeling the battery depletes in a second, and also the "reboot on taking pictures" even using brand new batteries, probably due to that connection.
so, besides all these hardware flaws I have to say I loved the ASUS padfone .even quit nova launcher for zenUI. But the situation is hopeless now, and despite ASUS weak distribution policy/hazards I should be very soon jumping to a superamoled zenfone 3 deluxe for good.

I wish ASUS, in search of incredible, would have been as smart to propose updated 5' padfones line, compatible with the padfone stations. now sad there is no electronic device that can connect the padfone stations to be used with other asus devices, or as a computer usb secondary screen.

thumbs UP padfone club

[ Edited Mon Jan 16 2017, 10:53PM ]
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Mon Jan 16 2017, 12:32PM
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Well my signature is still up-to-date... I'm still using an NPFI (my second one, the first died completely, and has been used for parts already)... And I still own the first generation Padfone I will probably never sell that one... Apart from the outdated performance and the too thick/heavy tablet, it's just the best one they made imho...

[ Edited Mon Jan 16 2017, 12:38PM ]
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Fri Feb 03 2017, 08:33PM
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Hi there
I'm using my thirt NPFI A86, I love this concept of mobile /tablet.
Does anyone know how to replace this? Everyday it is working worse.
I work with it and I think it is gorgeous I wouldn't like to change it for one surface pro, but I'm thinking it's the best substitute ( but you're going to need a mobile alsol
could anybody ask to Mr Asus to made a new model of infinit, please
I've tried but no reply.
I don't understand why this idea hasn't been successful

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Sat Feb 04 2017, 01:52PM
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About 5 days ago my second A86 killed itself, and I managed to find another one on eBay, I expect it to arrive somewhere next week, so that will be my third A86...

I'm currently using my old A66 first generation Padfone, even though it's 5 years old, it still works so nicely (it's too slow, and multitasking is pretty much not done, but apart from that it's damn nice)...

I was also thinking of getting a new Nexus or something, but than I would also need to buy a proper tablet... I'll live on with another A85 until that one dies I guess Hopefully by that time something similar has popped up to replace it...
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Thu Feb 16 2017, 05:43PM
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I have a 3 A86 motherboard, one bricked on adb boot mode and two on fastboot mode and one complete A86 without IMEI (lost???).

I have a dump of one A86 during starting phase.

Somebody have an idea?
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Sat Feb 18 2017, 01:00PM
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I have 3 A86's now (2 stations), one hard-bricked itself, the second did also brick itself, I can only get into fastboot, but I can't really fix anything from there, tried a lot of things...

The third I ordered second hand from eBay, they advertised it as a 32GB, but it was a 16GB... I couldn't install apps on it, or even make screenshots, so the ROM appeared to be "read-only"... It is an A86 as far as I could tell, but it did have TWRP recovery on it, and an official Asus Android 5.0 ROM from the A80?

In an attempt to fix this phone I factory reset it via TWRP (the previous owners files were still there when I booted it), tried fixing the partition permissions, which lead to a boot loop, in an attempt to fix that, I completely killed it... Yeah, this happened pretty much within a couple of hours of receiving it, €300,- gone XD

I'm done with the Padfone, I have an Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe on it's way, which should arrive on Monday... I'm probably selling A86's in parts... I'll write an article on the front page of this website when I have my Zenfone...

BTW, I'm currently using my first generation Padfone... I still think this is the best phone I ever had! Too bad it's not really up to the tasks that I ask from it nowadays, but it's a very nice rescue phone/tablet/NOTEBOOK atm

[ Edited Sat Feb 18 2017, 01:02PM ]
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