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dust on camera
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Thu Jul 25 2013, 09:11AM
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Yeah, after one+ month from repair at ASUS center, also in my case it seems dust in camera problem is fixed.
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Sat Nov 23 2013, 10:09AM
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Just returned my PF2 for the 3rd time due to dust, so this problem is not fixed in norway anyways. Fingers crossed I'll get my money back or an upgrade this time. Im tired of returning it to Asus and being without a fone
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Fri Apr 25 2014, 08:02AM
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It's absolutely a poor customer service of Asus. Having same dust problem in front camera, I asked the maintenance centre to repair, they insisted to charge me of HK$1XX by claiming that my warranty expired for a month. I don't think it is a matter of warranty period. The happening appeared for a couple of months ago, I did patiently to use it in that period. Moreover, it a design issue. He replied me to wait for reply in a couple of days. However, no reply yet received.
Thanks for helping from the posts here for how to remove the back cover. I made a plastic tool to open it. I can't imagine how people can use finger nail to open it. By taking a piece of Polyproplyene plastic and sharpening on an edge, I tried several attempts and finally opened it. The plastic edge will be blunt and needs to be re-sharpened each time if the attempt not succeed. I took off all the screws there and didn't care the warranty sticker any longer. After cleaning off the dust, I cut a ring shape double side adhesive tape to stick the protective cover onto the camera front. Much care needed to be taken not to let adhesive tape go into the center region of protective cover, even a small amount of it will let the image blurred (I made 2 attempts before success). I hope this is a real solution since it seals the mating between camera len and protective cover, and I need to see if this is effective after a few month of usage.
Earphone jack hole is a blind hole, the jack is a closed enclosure except the jack hole. Normally, dust inside this enclosure don't further go to inside of the phone. I wonder if we sometimes press the front/back covers, it flexes, the sucking air with the dust goes inside through the gaps between the rims of such as protective cover, earphone jack, simcard slot....and the body???
I remember the early version of iPhone having the antenna problem, how the company providing the service to customer to resolve it, I can't remember...,if so, I can compare how these companies providing serice to customers...
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Tue Apr 29 2014, 08:45AM
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Is there any DIY solution for this? I plan to open up my phone and fix this, replace the speaker while I'm at it.

Any adhesive stuff to add?
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Wed Jul 16 2014, 12:59PM
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So after 4 months they finally are fixing my Padfone2.

During my phone call with Asus service desk the worker told me that some Padfone 2 (he could check it with serial number) have this issue. The permanent fix is that they use a thicket camera glass with rubber ring (the protective glass between camera lens and back cover) and in some series they use different back cover to fix this issue permanently.

Hope mine will be fixed permanently... Been waiting for fucking 4 months.
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Tue Oct 28 2014, 12:21PM
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Just after half year after I cleaned out the dust behind the camera len cover. Problem now arise...
Again, the camera can't take a clear near image photo now. After the previous clean up, it could take a clear image of small letter of newspaper words. During this half year, I was happy to use it. However, blurring image in photo again now. I did all the cleaning works as before, but it still happens. I use a magnifying lens to view on camera lens' surface, it shows no dust or imperfection problem. Is it the cause of the new version of firmware installed? Or other hardware issues?? What a poor smartphone of this company's production is!! I am so disappointed!! Anybody can help please?
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