News Item: Asus rolls out third firmware update for the Padfone
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Posted by Marc Schattorie
Monday 13 August 2012 - 17:14:03

Asus has just released a new firmware update for Taiwanese Padfones (CHT). This firmware has version number

A changelog of this firmware is still not available, but one of our users (hoyin007) noticed that the Asus Task killer can lock some apps from the "Kill All" button.
It is now also possible to swipe through the homescreens without a limit (you can swipe to the left on page 5, this action will bring you back to page 1).

I don't have any experience with this update yet, the update is running for about an hour on my Padfone now. I will update this article with more info when I have the firmware running on my own Padfone.

If you would like to discuss about this firmware update at our forum (and to see what happened to my own Padfone), click heré.
The full package and the upgrade package are available as a download here.

Update; My Padfone was successfully updated, but be carefull to not run this update while the Padfone is inside the Padfone Station!

I noticed that the Pull down/Pop up menu changed, some buttons switched places, and the option to turn off mobile data and a Power savings toggle were added to this bar.
The power saving settings are accessable via the Padfones settings menu.
The camera firmware was also updated again to verison f09968.

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