News Item: Fancy designing the next Padfone?
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Posted by ctys2ard
Thursday 25 October 2012 - 19:15:13

So we have some brilliant thoughts about the next Padfone.

Now here's a challenge, we would like to see how good these engines look in a new chassis. Pictures always speaks more than words. We would like to call on creative people out there to take on this challenge! Design a Padfone of your own and submit your drawing, sketches or even a video to visualise how you want your future Padfones to look like to us. We will put it up on the news page and who knows, Asus might just pick up your design! Pack in those amazing specifications. Maybe a new colour? Bigger screen ratio? Just don't forget the keyboard dock.

All designs can be submitted to design© Make sure you include a description of your designs and contact details too. You are allowed to stamp your initials across the designs for copyright purposes, as long as we all can see that amazing design of yours.

And here's a white keyboard dock to kick start things:

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