News Item: Already a new firmware version for the Asus Padfone 2
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Posted by Marc Schattorie
Saturday 03 November 2012 - 19:31:58

We're very sorry for this late post, but Asus does not want to support this leading Padfone community, which means that we can't always be on top of the Padfone 2 like we do with the Padfone 1, but we will try our best!

On to the news. The Padfone 2 is now able to ugrade to firmware version or firmware version As you can see, there are two different regions available for Taiwanese Padfone 2s, Taiwan and Chung Hwa Telecom (a large Taiwanese telecom provider).
Both versions have a minor difference in the version number, but both share the same changelog which you can read by clicking on "more...".

The firmware version can be downloaded from the official Asus website.

Update: We've also created a new Padfone 2 Firmwares (How To/Download) page to keep track of all the firmware upgrades for the Padfone 2.

1. Resolve WiFi compatibility with Sapido AP
2. Improve camera stability, performance and white balance
3. Add two more charging modes: Phone preferred mode and Power pack mode
4. Improve Browser stability
5. Holding voice navigation upon incoming call
6. Enable Audio Wizard when using headset & BT headset
7. Add NFC icon to status bar

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