News Item: App to assign different Phone or Pad launchers
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Posted by Marc Schattorie
Monday 19 November 2012 - 18:25:41

A Taiwanese developer created an app to allow Padfone users to assign different launchers for Phone and Pad mode.

The app is pretty simple, when you start it, you have the choice to assign any installed launcher to either the Padfone, or the Padfone Station.

The app should work on both, the Padfone and the Padfone 2. No root is required to use this app, but you have to make sure that it is checked in the Dynamic Display Switching (DDS) List.

Download in the Google Play Store

And discuss it here!

Update, November 25:
The developer updated the Padfone Launcher Switcher today and a lot of the reported issues seem to be solved. The app is now a launcher itself and has to be set as the default launcher. After this is done, the app will handle the switching between your two preferred launchers.

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