News Item: Jelly Bean rolling out NOW for first generation CHT Padfones
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Posted by Marc Schattorie
Friday 01 February 2013 - 16:39:20

We've been talking and updating our news page this entire day with news from Asus Finland, who reported that the Jelly Bean update will roll out for all regions by the end of Q1. A couple of hours later we got word from Asus Italy that the Jelly Bean update will roll out on February 6.

But owners of a Taiwanese (CHT SKU) Padfone can get the update RIGHT NOW via the OTA feature of the Padfone!

The update process to Jelly Bean brings two different OTA updates.
The first update upgrades your padfone to versoin (which is still Android 4.0.4). But after you boot your device, you will get a second OTA message which will upgrade your Padfone to version (which brings Andrroid 4.1.1).
Both upgrade packages are available for direct download on our Padfone firmwares page.

Our first impressions are great, the software is running like "butter". The new features like the Google Now are present and are working fine. Asside from the speed improvement and extra features that Jelly Bean brings, it brings a couple uf minor UI changes. For example, the phone dailer contains white keys in both, phone and tablet mode. The keyboard did also get a design change, but nothing too big.
The instant dictionary feature which we know from the Padfone 2 is also present in this update.

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