News Item: Update: Re-release of Jelly Bean update for first generation Padfone
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Posted by Marc Schattorie
Tuesday 12 March 2013 - 17:22:15

Asus rolled out the first Jelly Bean update for the first generation Padfone on february 1st for Taiwanese (CHT SKU) Padfone owners. They also promised that other regions would follow soon.

However, the update to Android 4.1 came with a lot of issues for several users, so Asus decided to pull back the update from their website ant OTA servers.

Today, Asus Taiwan announced a new release of Android 4.1 for the first generation Padfone, once again, only for Taiwan (CHT SKU). There is no exact date for this re-release, and it's also not known when other regions will follow, so stay tuned.

A copy of the original upgrade package for the pulled back Jelly Bean firmware update is still available on this page.

Update 13-3-13: All Padfones with the CHT SKU have received the second Jelly Bean update today. A changelog is not available. But admin ctys2ard reported the following changes that he found so far.

1. Extra NFC toggle removed
2. Mount micro-SD card notifications can no longer be removed on notification bar
3. Mouse cursor is larger now

Further, this update should fix several stability issues. But we already have reports of a crashing Asus quick setting menu.

Please use the new forum topic to discuss this update...

Read the full article for the official changelog.

1. Upgrade to Android 4.1.1
2. Fixed instant dictionary.
3. Fixed camera preview function
4. Fixed clipboard function
5. Fixed Explorer software
6. Fixed volume keys issues
7. SD card now supports NTFS & EX Fat

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