News Item: Goodbye Padfone?
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Posted by Marc Schattorie
Thursday 23 February 2017 - 11:18:04

I started with the Padfone A66, Padfone Infinity A80 (sample from Asus, not on the photo) and had 3 new Padfone Infinity A86's which all 3 gave up on me.

After almost 5 years, it appears that the Padfone series is not being continued anymore. I've been a supporter and user of this series, but apparently it's time to move on.

Together with Stuart (ctys2ard) I started this website. At the time of the release of the Padfone there was only one huge XDA-developers thread, but no dedicated source that had all the correct information. It has been a great time maintaining this website for as long as the intuitive community existed.

Don't worry, this website will still remain, and I will check back on it every once in a while. I'll most likely be back again when (if) the Padfone ever returns. But until than, I'm moving on to "regular devices".

Padfone (A66, Full set, 32GB, Taiwan/CHT) owner since: 14-06-2012 (cracked phones glass on 24-02-2014, repaired 26-03-14)
Padfone Infinity (A80, Titanium Gray Sample Unit, 32GB, International/WW) owner since: 14-06-2013 (Back to Asus since 05-07-13)
New Padfone Infinity (A86, Titanium Black, 32GB, Taiwan/CHT) + TransKeyboard owner since 03-03-14, hard bricked itself on 24-12-2015, replaced with new NPFI 32GB on 17-01-16, this one (soft)bricked itself on 31-01-2017, received new one on 15-02-2017, died within an hour due to partition issues.
Zenfone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL, Sand Gold, 32GB, International/WW) since: 20-02-2017

Forum users might recognize this text from the signature of SparkyRih, my account on our forums. It shows the history of the devices that I've owned. And now shows that I recently obtained a Zenfone.

My Asus (first generation) Padfone is still working great, as a matter of fact, I've been using it to fill the gap between the loss of the second new Padfone Infinity and the Zenfone. I will never sell that one, since this is the device that started this website and the (previously) big community.

All the new Padfone Infinity stuff is however useless to me now. Both Padfone Stations are still working great, and the phone's themselves can be used for parts. So if anybody has hardware issues with theirs, or needs a new/extra Padfone Infinity Station, I'll be happy to sell those to you by using oru contact form.

Thank you for choosing this website, hopefully we'll be back again. but until than I say goodbye.

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