News Item: Support on imported Padfones, be carefull...
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Posted by Marc Schattorie
Friday 06 July 2012 - 22:00:54

About a week ago one of the pins holding the backdoor of the Padfone Station in place when it's closed broke.

Since my device was imported from Taiwan, I contacted Asus Taiwan about a week ago to ask for support. They told me I should sent it in for repair to my local repair centre (in my case, The Netherlands). But the Dutch support team said that the Padfone still doesn't have any service centres that support this product in Europe. This means that I have to sent it back to my seller in Taiwan, the seller should than sent my Padfone Station in for repair to a repair centre in Taiwan.

I also asked the Dutch support team how this works for Padfones bought in (for example) Italy. The Dutch Asus support couldn't give me an answer to this question. But this probably means that all local retailers also have to sent defective Padfones back to Taiwan, which can take a pretty long time.

Like I mentioned in this article, the Dutch Asus support team gave me this information, there was nothing else they could do for me. I'm assuming that this whole story counts for all European countries, and probably also the rest of the world...

I'm not saying that Asus's support is bad (I do understand why the product still isn't supported in Europe since it's sold very scares), this article is just meant as an information source to avoid surprises...

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