Garmin for Padfone - Loading Maps

ctys2ard, Wednesday 04 July 2012 - 20:42:00

You will first need a Garmin map of your choice. Most Garmin NT maps works well.


1. Rename the maps you downloaded to gmapprom.
2. Attach USB to your padfone, enter mass storage mode
3. In Computer\PadFone\GARMIN MAP\.System folder, replace the gmapprom file with the map you have downloaded. I suggest you keep a copy of the original gmapprom file just in case your map doesn't work.
4. Additionally, you can also replace gmapprom1 of your choice
5. When you have disconnect your phone, load up Garmin. If your map is properly supported, it should appear on the list of maps you have installed.

Try not to disturb gmapbmap file as it is the base map of garmin.

(!!!UPDATED!!!)Map Source:

Singapore/Malaysia/Brunei Maps:

Europe including UK:

Note: The Europe map has been cut into regions on the above website for devices that does not support 2GB maps such as padfone. 2nd link on should work.

The bad news is, the website is all in Russian, Google translate should do the trick. The even worse news is, the maps are not in particular order or naming in Windows. You have to insert each map into your Padfone and check the "installed maps" section and rename the file accordingly in windows. (not too much work considering the map could cost hundreds)

The good news is that it provides comprehensive coverage of the whole Europe. I have tried all the maps and only 3 of them don't work. Not sure what countries are they, but generally, good work.

Special thanks to Peter for the source.

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