Connecting Padfone to a TV
Using the Micro-HDMI port on the Padfone
Marc Schattorie, Friday 27 July 2012 - 16:58:00

The Padfone has a normal Micro-HDMI port on the side of it. This connector is mainly used to connect the display of the Padfone Station, but it is also possible to connect an external monitor/TV to it.

When you buy a regular Micro-HDMI (to full HDMI) cable, and you connect it, it won't work. This is due to the design of the phone, it doesn't allow the male end of the plug to fully slide in. But if you cut just about 2mm off on the right side of the plasic, it will slide in deeper, and connect perfectly.

When you connect the phone while in the launcher, you will see the phones display mirrored on te screen in full portrait mode on the TV. But as soon as you open an app, it automatically rotates to landscape mode. The only downside in my opinion is that every app runs in "phone mode". Pad only apps won't run, and apps that have support for tablet mode layouts are still shown in their phone mode layout.

Audio is (of course) also streamed to the TV, nothing special here, the quality is just what you expect. In my case my TV is connected directly to a 5.1 setup, which sounds very nice.

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