Screen protectors for Padfone

Peter, Wednesday 29 August 2012 - 00:00:11

I'm quite sure in the necessity of the screen protector for the AMOLED and IPS screens of our beloved Padfone - Gorilla Glass may protect itself, but what's about the coating on top of it? IMHO it could be easily scratched (I already heard about such a problem).
I tested a few different screen protectors for the Padfone's and tablet's screens, so I can try to summarize my experience:

1. Padfone's screen:

- Vikuiti screen protector ARMR200: please avoid buying this item, it blocks the touchscreen as I explained in
This was confirmed by the seller on Amazon, so I got the replacement:

- Vikuiti ADQC27 clear antiglare screen protector from Amazon: it works more or less, but I would expect more efficiency of reflection reduction and it is not resistant to fingerprints. But it works up to some level and protects the Padfone's screen (especially its coating) from scratches.
Finally I removed it from the Padfone's screen because of the issues explained above.

- Matte Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Asus Padfone from ebay: installed it a couple of weeks ago and quite happy with this film: it works well for the glare reduction and fingerprints invisibility on the screen.

2. Tablet's screen:

- Vikuiti screen protector ADQC27 for Asus PadFone Station - PREMIUM QUALITY (crystal clear, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, easy mountable).
Actually it is the same screen protector with the previously explained, just sized for the 10" screen. I would say that I like it even less than on the 4.3" Padfone. I installed it and removed after 1 hour of test mostly due to the problems with fingerprints.

- Vikuiti™ DQCM30 Screen Protector for
Asus PadFone Station: Anti-reflective (matte), hard-coated, dirt-repellent, very simple assembly, residue-free removal (from Amazon). This protector is much better than the previous one: it makes fingerprints almost invisible and reduces glare well. I installed it and keep on the tablet's screen for a few weeks.

- Matte Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Padfone Station from ebay:
I did not install it yet, but I would assume that this should be OK-ish , at least it works well on the Padfone's screen as I explained above.

3. Body armor
- I was waiting for TechSkin™ from Skinomi - but recently I got update from their customer support that Skinomi does not have plans to release these items in near future...

The installation of these films is usual: you need to remove ALL particles from the screen and press out all large and middle sized air bubbles (well, it's a good idea to avoid them during installation). The small bubbles should disappear in several days due to the air diffusion through the film.... if there isn't a particle in the center of this bubble.

Hint: you may use a good scotch tape (not leaving residuals) to remove particles from the screens, but avoid doing this for the bottom surface of the film: it can mess with the silicon layer.

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