New Padfone Infinity Firmwares (Files and How to install)

Marc Schattorie, Saturday 25 October 2014 - 13:07:00

Full packages:
Download official full firmware packages here (Official Asus website).
Download official full firmware packages here (Removed from the Asus website).

Upgrade packages (FOTA):
BE CAREFULL! If you flash the wrong firmware upgrade, you can damage the firmware on the Padfone permanently!
Please check in your system settings which firmware version number and version region you have.

CHT - Taiwan
No upgrade packages available...

TW - Taiwan
No upgrade packages available...

New Padfone Infinity Station firmware updates:
No New Padfone Infinity Statoin packages available...

Custom ROMs:
No custom packages available...

How to install?
First, make sure you have the firmware (*.zip) file in the root of your Padfone's flash memory.
Also, make sure that the Padfone is fully charged, and connected to a power source.
If you're downgrading or changing the firmware region by using a full firmware package, we would recommend using the wipe feature before you apply the update.

1. Undock the Padfone.
2. Power off the Padfone.
3. Hold down the volume down button, keep holding it, and press the power button. Now you will enter the first menu.
4. Press the power button to enter "download mode".
5. Select the second option to install from an external SD card.
6. Wait for the installation to complete, depending on the update, your device will reboot automatically, or you
have to select the reboot option manually when it appears.

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