How to root the Padfone

Marc Schattorie, Tuesday 26 June 2012 - 15:31:00

Method 1: (For users with Android
Just download and unzip everything; then run RootDebugfs.bat (if you need the device drivers, they are included).


Note: Use this at your own risk, I did not personally test this on my Padfone!


Method 2: (For all firmwares with an unlocked bootloader)

1. Make sure that your bootloader is unlocked using the Asus Unlock tool.
2. Unzip the ZIP file below (it says Padfone 2, but this method is successfully tested on multiple first generation Padfones).
3. Connect your Padfone via USB, run padfone2_root_tools_en-US.bat.

Make sure to follow the instructions on screen properly!

Download: Padfone 1/2 root tools

Method 3: (for all firmwares, one click solution)

The "Frameroot" method allows you to root your device in one click, Just launch the app, and follow the instructions.

Download: Framaroot-1.4.1.apk

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