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fone screen broken, works within station
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Sat Nov 22 2014, 02:18PM
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i love the idea of the phone, but it has caused me nothing but fucking issues since i had it!

i am based in the UK and none of the major carriers support it, i have it under an EE contract with 6 months left.

when it breaks i have to send it to Holland for repair, which has happened twice now:
dust under the camera lens
charging pins damaged on the phone so i couldn't charge it!
thankfully both these issues were covered under my warranty, so cost me nothing.

then the other morning i woke up with it on the ground beside my bed, i think it must have fallen from under my pillow in the night, and when i went to hit the snooze button on the alarm, the screen was just series of lines!!

cannot do or see anything other than dark grey lines!

once inserted into the Station it works perfect, i know if i send it back not they will want to charge me minimum €75 + the cost of the repair, as a 'fall' from 2 foot would not be covered under the warranty.

i have rang a couple of local repair shops to ask if they can do the repair and as it's not a common phone here in the UK they don't have the parts or just plain don't want to.

my question is:
is there anything else I can do? or has anyone else any other advice they could offer.

i have 6 months left on contract @ £37/month so don't really want to enter into another contract, but am using my now, 3 1/2 year old, Samsung S2 which is working OK, but i clearly would like to use the Padfone.

thanks in advance
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Sun Nov 23 2014, 01:05PM
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You've had a lot of problems with it. I think you deserve to get it repaired under warranty. If it does not have any visible impact damages, try with "I've found it like this in morning".
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