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Poll #29
Which Padfone do you like the most, and why?
Posted by Marc Schattorie.
active from Tuesday 03 September 2013 - 23:02:39 to Thursday 26 September 2013 - 00:04:13.
votes: 291

First generation Padfone  
34.36% [Votes: 100]
Padfone 2  
28.52% [Votes: 83]
Padfone Infinity  
36.77% [Votes: 107]

Which Padfone do you like the most, and why? SparkyRih 03 Sep : 23:06
Comments: 75

Registered: 17 Jun : 14:09
I voted for the first generation Padfone, even though I have had my hands on the Padfone Infinity.

The Padfone wins because of the keyboard dock which is very very useful in my every day use (in university, business and entertainment) because of:
-The 2 USB Ports
-Full sized SD Card slot
-Phyiscal keyboard
-Extra battery life

And not to forget the Micro-SD card slot inside the Padfone itself!

Padfone (A66, Full set, 32GB, Taiwan/CHT) owner since: 14-06-2012 (cracked phones glass on 24-02-2014, repaired 26-03-14)
Padfone Infinity (A80, Titanium Gray Sample Unit, 32GB, International/WW) owner since: 14-06-2013 (Back to Asus since 05-07-13)
New Padfone Infinity (A86, Titanium Black, 32GB, Taiwan/CHT) + TransKeyboard owner since 03-03-14, hard bricked itself on 24-12-15, replaced with new NPFI 32GB on 17-01-16, this one (soft)bricked itself on 31-01-17, received new one on 15-02-2017, died within an hour due to partition issues.
Zenfone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL, Sand Gold, 32GB, International/WW) since: 20-02-2017

Which Padfone do you like the most, and why? jhattara 04 Sep : 12:51
Comments: 6

Registered: 14 Aug : 13:57
First generation Padfone

for exactly the same reasons as SparkyRih said.

PadFone (16GB) owned since 2012-07-09
Firmware WW since 2012-07-09
PadFone Stylus owned since 2012-08-04
Firmware WW since 2012-08-24
PadFone Station Dock owned since 2012-09-18
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Firmware WW since 2012-10-08
Firmware WW since 2013-03-20
Firmware WW since 2013-07-17
Firmware WW since 2013-10-25

Which Padfone do you like the most, and why? cdljl2005 09 Sep : 09:34
Comments: 3

Registered: 26 Feb : 08:13
1st gen~
Not too big screen and never have to mind dirt into the screen or camera~

it's a bit old and slow, however

Maybe I'll stick to Padfone.
PadFone WW-

Which Padfone do you like the most, and why? Timóteo Samuel Ribeiro 11 Sep : 19:17

1st gen

The dock is missing on the other's!!!

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